About college

Our college was founded in 2017. Certificate No. 160145-3301-000, license of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic No. LC170001022; No. NC2019-0081 the right to conduct educational activities in the field of secondary vocational education.

IFC has a certificate confirming the passage of independent program accreditation from the Sapattuu Bilim Accreditation Agency for Educational Organizations and Programs (No. VK 190000165;236;245;254).

IFC is located on the campus of the International Medical and University and the Eurasian International University. Nearby are: "Avicenna Medical Clinic", a hostel for students.

The campus has:

resource center
modern auditoriums
lecture halls with audio-video equipment, video projector
conference rooms
training center
clinical laboratories
press office
modern simulation center with phantom classrooms

MPC students who wish to receive a higher medical or pharmaceutical education have the opportunity to enter the International Medical University after graduating from college.

MPCs are trained in 5 specialties:

General Medicine
Orthopedic stomatology